Scenic Sunshine Coast Day Trips

Take a scenic Sunshine Coast day trip out into the lushness and greenery of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland during your stay in Maroochydore. There are plenty of options with spectacular scenery, thundering waterfalls, ancient rainforests and diverse wildlife to see.

Here’s a few recommended Sunshine Coast day trip itineraries:

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a remnant of the rainforests that once covered the Blackall Range, just outisde of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The Reserve is a living museum of diverse plant and animal life which will delight with its tranquillity and beauty. The forest is home to a wide array of Australian flora and fauna and is perfect for bushwalking.
Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is located at 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny.

Maleny & Montville

The beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland and the charming towns of Maleny and Montville are a comfortable driving distance from M1 Resort. With an average elevation of 450m, the cooler temperatures in the hinterland offer a cool change from the coast.

Maleny, Montville and surrounding areas, are mainly lush green farmlands and are rich with skilled artisans. The arts and crafts in both villages are an art lover’s delight.

Kondalillia National Park

Drive to the scenic Blackall Range and the Kondalilla National Park. The park is named after the spectacular Kondalilla Falls, where Skene Creek drops 90 m into a rainforest valley.

Kondalilla, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘rushing waters’, describes this park’s waterfall during the summer wet season. More than 107 species of birds have been seen in the park, and 70 species of reptiles and 32 species of frogs have been recorded from the Blackall Range.

There are several short walking tracks provided in Kondalilla National Park. For more information visit Department of National Parks. Kondalilla National Park is only a 26km drive west of Maroochydore.

The Glass House Mountains
Discover the scenically abundant Sunshine Coast Hinterland and the Glasshouse Mountains. Just over 40 kms south west of Maroochydore the scenery will unfold before your eyes as you drive into a series of 14 mountains, including Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Beerwah Mt Coonowrin and Wild Horse Mountain.

There are a series of walking trails with scenic lookouts such as the Glass House Mountains Lookout Circuit, Trachyte Circuit and Wild Horse Mountains Track. Or for the adrenalin junkies there are rock climbing adventures at Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Ngungun.

Mapleton National Park Forest Drive

Located on the northern end of the Blackall Range, this forest reserve is responsible for protecting diverse forest species such as bunya pines, tall open blackbutt forests and piccabeen palm groves.

On your way through Mapleton Forest Drive, stop at Poole’s Dam and take a walk to the top of the waterfall to get a beautiful view of the forest valley. There are a number of short walks (400 to 800m) in the National Park. The Forest Drive ends at Point Glorious where you will be treated to a spectacular view of the coastal area and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Mapleton National Park is 60kms west of Maroochydore.

For more information on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland visit Department of National Parks  or Sunshine Coast Hinterland Tourism

The Sunshine Coast region boasts lots of opportunities to get out on the road on a scenic day trip. Drive along the coastal or mountain roads, and take in the breathtaking views.

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