Enjoy the Maroochy River

Enjoy the Maroochy River during your stay at M1 Resort. Visitors can either paddle it, cruise down it, fish in it, play on the sandy shores or swim in it.

The river is very important to the local environment because it supports a lot of animals that live in and around the river, such as birds of prey including the Kite, Osprey and Sea Eagle. Abundant waterbirds are Cormorants, the Anhinga (Darter or ‘snake bird’), Spoonbill, Ibis, Pelican, Heron, and Black Duck.

Maroochy River water activities include:

• The Maroochy River Canoe Trail
• Maroochy River Boat Cruise
• Explore the river on a Jetski
• Hire a kayak
• Hire a Standup Paddleboard
• Walk or cycle on the Riverfront pathway
• Drop a line in the river
• Swim in the shallow waters near the mouth of the river

The Maroochy River is only a short walking distance from M1 Resort in Maroochdore. Book your next Sunshine Coast holiday in centrally located Maroochydore in the luxury of a large stylish aparment at M1 Resort. BOOK NOW